You're Enrolled!

You will receive a Welcome Letter from to the email address you use for PayPal the day of the clinic.  The email will have the login and password for the clinic. 

Just in case you didn’t catch that, I’ll mention it again. 


To prepare for the clinic, you should:

  1. Mark your calendar for fifteen minutes before the start time.  We start on time and you won’t be able to get in the room if you are late.
  2. Make sure your space is quiet and free from distractions.  This is a class, so you want a good learning environment.
  3. Save to your email contacts for your PayPal email address so your Welcome Letter doesn’t go to junk or promotions.
  4. Update Zoom.
  5. Test your camera.  We require students to keep their video on during class and we remove those who don’t.
  6. Please direct any questions you have about the clinic to Bassology Director Tamatha Bechtel at  Tamatha handles these things for me so I can focus on what I do best:  teach.
  7. Correspond with Tamatha, whenever possible, before the day of the clinic.  Clinic days are extraordinarily busy for us and we most likely won’t be able to respond to texts, emails, or PMs on the day of the clinic.
  8. Note that, if you do need to correspond on clinic day, it may take us a couple of days to get back to you.  The only bass emergency I can think of is that your house is on fire and you have to decide which two basses you are going to grab on the way out the door.  The only $26 dollar bass clinic emergency I can think of is…, never mind.  I can’t think of a $26 bass clinic emergency.  We do respect you enough to get back to you; please respect us enough to be patient.  Thank you.

Please email Tamatha at with questions.  We are always happy to hear from you!  Tamatha answers questions so Anthony is free to do what he does best:  teach!  🙂

What other virtual clinics are you offering?

See you soon!